Investing life time – part I

Can you imagine business without focussing primarily on the doing?

Let me go back to the source of this question by understanding two things. First, the implications of the model of the Deferred Life Plan. And secondly by having a look at the origin of the word ‘business’. (part II)

The Deferred Life Plan, introduced by John Scherer in his book Five Questions that change everything is the simple and disturbing truth of the belief system most of us, especially in the industrialized western societies, tend to organize our entire life accordingly.

Its the somewhat subconscious mechanism and yet thousandfold told story in our culture, that we all have to DO (a lot) in order to HAVE (enough) to finally BE (somebody).

Or even shorter: Do today – be later.

A famous and much accomplished composer I had the pleasure to have a conversation with recently, was very serious about this not being the model for success anymore, especially not in a complex global culture.

His goal is to be at least with 60% being and only 40% doing. Not because he is lazy, but because of his experience that with a percentage like this, he delivers better, more meaningful and successful work, especially in the long run.

Its an interesting experiment to ask ourselves what our current overall percentage of being and doing is, and if this percentage serves our goals and our values in the best and most effective way.

Being is a different type of investing your life time than doing.

The tricky thing is, if you are not practicing the being, the doing will automatically consume more and more of your life time. Thats the default mode. Some of us experiencing it when we, while being in our rare holidays (coming from holy days), are not feeling comfortable at all with just being.

John Scherer suggest not less than the total turn-around of this model of life time investment and thus reversing the formula for success:

“People’s tendency not to think about the BEING aspect of their Deferred Life Plan is ironic, because it’s the BEING that’s the goal for all the DOING and HAVING.
Reversing the formula for success means starting with who you ARE and letting what you DO emerge from that place, reducing the importance of what you get from the world (HAVE).”

Leading business with a focus on being in that sense could mean, being very clear about why you are doing what you do. As an individual and together as a collective. And being responsible that what you are doing is mainly serving being, your being – and the being of others.

Let’s not forget, that we do call our species neither human doings nor human havings. What we call our selves for good reasons is human beings.

5 thoughts on “Investing life time – part I”

  1. Your post made me think of a Buddhist concept called “right livelihood.” It means that it is everyone’s spiritual right to do fullfilling work to make a difference in the world. If holiday = holy day how about we think of purposeful work as holiwork? Thanks for the thought provoking ideas!

    1. hi Katherine.
      thank you for connecting and thinking further.
      When we use the word ‘holy’ we seem to refer to something that we consider to be “whole”. I find your idea of purposeful doing = holy work compelling.
      Its us human beings who have the capability to act with a sense of wholeness and purpose and to create whether its organizations, business, work, art or collaboration.

    1. thank you, Debbie. lets pass the credentials on to John Scherer and his resource to put challenging traits plain and simply.

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