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Daniel Goleman, bestseller author of Emotional Intelligence, contrasts in his latest book Focus the good-enough leader with the great leaders. “Great leaders do not settle for systems as they are, but see what they could become, and so work to transform them for the better, to benefit the widest circle”.

Work to transform systems to benefit the widest circle. This is how we see the grandiose responsibility of today’s corporate leaders.

Grandiose because its a widely creative, innovative and meaningful work you are asked to do by the challenges of our time, by humanity itself. And responsibility because it refers to the mere ability to respond. Respond to the widest circle, to operate in the big picture.

The given corporate system embedded in the business system, is the playground of your performance. It is the most globally connected, influential and producing system the human world operates within at this stage.

A good-enough leader would operate and react, even excel, within this given system to benefit a partial or a single group.

The great leader goes beyond the drivers of the current system, beyond growth, financial return and fierce competition.

Why? Because her horizon tells her to do so. Because he has a notion, that we can do better than treating our planet and ourselves in a paradoxical way: optimizing short-term wealth by threatening our basis of life, our life together and human life itself on this planet.
The bigger the horizon, the bigger the system you can see.

But don’t just look on the outside in trying to understand. If you are serious about the big picture it comes together with self-awareness and the human ability for compassion. How we see and treat ourselves, others and the world on a fundamental and on a day-to-day level.

Your level of consciousness as leader determines the scale of transformation that is gonna happen with the system you operate in.

Small picture recipes and tools alone will not do it here. Its not even about know-how, most likely its about integrated knowledge of the dynamics of system transformation, of timeless truth and physical reality and about the clear and very distinctive way we see ourselves, others and the world.

Whats the risk? And what’s in it?
To be honest. If you are up to system transformation you risk everything. Everything you know so far from past experience about the current system. This journey comes with insecurity, openness, building on trust, already mentioned responsibility, vulnerability, growth – inner growth, creation, leading on a large scale, co-creating, paradigm innovation, even being in service of human evolution. To list some of the options.

It definitely comes with discipline and purpose.

Goleman dedicates his work at the beginning of Focus to the well-being of generations to come.

Whats is your widest circle, the circle you want to dedicate your work to? Whats the widest circle that can benefit from your company’s operations? What is the big picture you are responding to as one of today’s great corporate leaders?

We are curious to find out with you and passionate to support you on this journey.

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