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Another year full of offerings, developments, insights and wholehearted requests for a different world is coming to its end.

Are you ready to take the leap ?

If your answer is more on the yes-side I invite you to do the following experiment:

Think of all the people you had the possibility to meet, connect and exchange during this year. And then open your perception to all the people you have met so far in your lifetime. All of them. Let them show-up to you at once.

Yes, also the colleagues in school, yes, also the uncle that was harming you as a child in some way or another, yes, also the stranger passing you on the street, yes also that attractive man or woman on the dance floor, yes also your mother, yes, also the neighbor in the plane, yes, also the … yes. all of them. Whether it has been for the blink of an eye or for a continuos while. All the people you had a direct moment of exchange with in your lifetime.

Can you picture this vibrant universe that emerges? Do you get a sense for this incredible, complete organism made of connections ? This is it. Your own human family, your potential impact, your field of responsibility.

And chances are, that this is as big as it can go, and as wide as it should go, when you consider humanity, when you talk about a different world and about collaboration. Your direct human connections. This is your “be the change you wanna see in this world”. This is your Weology. 1)

Wait a minute. My humanity? Is humanity not bigger than me being in connection with some of the individuals? Well, let’s be honest, we just pictured it. Your humanity is a pretty large crowd.

And yes, the whole of it might be even bigger. But as you probably know, its not so much the quantity as it is the quality of these connections that will make the difference.

The quality of your humanity has the chance to transform the world. Whereas the quantity of humanity is just an abstract sum of all our individual humanities taken together. Nobody is left alone, if we are care-in-action for our own human families and if we let them be naturally cross-combined and over-layered across the planet.

From all major system transformation processes we know, that mindsets are more important than technology 2) consciousness is more powerful than tools.

So what I’m offering you here, as 2015 is coming to it final weeks and days, is to look at humanity, to look at your humanity with a different mind-set, a widened consciousness.

Are you ready to even go one step further in the Weology experiment?

Then – now as you have a picture of your influence and impact zone, of your body of transformation, of your humanity – what would be the single one message you want to deliver to all your contact points? What would be the message that would most benefit every single one of them? What would be important to be heard and being brought into their life by you? All the time?

The message that wants to be delivered by me into my human family is this:

you are loved. look at you, your are loved. Everything is possible from here.

It only takes half a tweet on twitter.

This is how we invite the new world, by actively creating it. A world where we connect in non-linear ways 3). Where we learn exponentially 4), where we are connected and collaborating extensively. A world that is serving everybody. A world complex, vibrant, integrated and divers like… the model of the Atlantic Rainforest 5).

A world of the new human families.

Can you picture it?


1) The term Weology I did borrow from Peter Aceto, President and CEO of Tangerine and #1 on the leadership innovator’s list 2015. #Weology

2) See Steve Denning and the Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy in their sturdy report to the Drucker Forum 2015. http://www.druckerforum.org/fileadmin/user_upload/2015/slides/dayII/parallelsession/steveDenning.pdf

3) Key message from Ruimin Zhang, CEO and Chairman Haiergroup, first Chinese entrepreneur to win the Outstanding Achievement Award Thinkers50 “Best Idea Practice Award“. http://thinkers50.com/biographies/zhang-ruimin/

4) Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar, the largest car sharing company in the world, collaborative pioneer and author of PeersInc. http://www.peersincorporated.com/what-we-do/

5) The wisdom of the Atlantic Rainforest, translated by Sandra Epstein as a vivid model on how to thrive amidst diversity through creative cooperation. http://www.sandraepstein.com/atlantic-rainforest-wisdom/

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