"The world desperately needs an "Age of Wisdom", and workplaces are an inspiring place to start."

Ricardo Semler


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Based in Switzerland, lovecom operates globally with selected partners.


Monika Gutscher

Founder & CEO

Monika is an experienced leadership consultant, facilitator, executive coach and former executive manager across various industries and different global regions for the past 18 years. She has led, designed and delivered Leadership and Top Team Alignment programs that have touched up to 10’000 leaders directly.

Passionate about transformation and growth on an individual, a collective and structural level, lovecom was brought forth as a co-creative vortex for new ways of leadership behavior and mind-set, during a year long Sabbatical in the wilderness of the natural coast of South-West Portugal. In the past 5 years lovecom has been serving clients across the Middle East region, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, in Germany, Switzerland and Canada.

Monika values the vast potential of love, truthfulness, personal congruence, creativity and next level collaboration as operating elements on a daily basis. Connecting love and business, as major source of innovation and large scale transformation, is part of her mission.

Monika is a true pioneer. And not just the intellectual kind, but the kind of person who puts loving kindness at the heart of all she says, does and stands for. Initiating and opening up conversations like this, at senior management levels is no easy task, however Monika is able hold this space and help businesses raise their game to higher levels of sustainability, profitability and conscious connection with their people and their environment. 
Nick le Clere, Founder Next Level Consulting

“Master the art of LOVING people. Any coward can hide behind the words, the brave LIVE LOVE in action.”

Tai Aracen

Global Partners and Networks


Aberkyn started as a successful, network of freelance facilitators almost 20 years ago and grew into one of today’s leading edge global change leadership firms. Aberkyn is guided by the purpose to expand consciousness of leaders so they transform themselves, their teams and their organizations to be a force for good in this world. Today Aberkyn is part of McKinsey & Company.
lovecom shares the Aberkyn purpose and is closely collaborating within the global Aberkyn network, content leadership and resources

Aberkyn purpose video

Stephano Sabetti HEARTFULNESS

Stephano is a spiritual teacher and quantum pioneer, who was dedicated to spiritual inquiry and practice with thousands of individuals throughout the world for over 40 years. He is the founder of the Path of Now Way (PONW) and the PONW heartfulness trainings. lovecom feels privileged to have a spiritual foundation in the wisdom of heartfulness, oneness and the early body awareness and mindfulness practices from learning with Stephano for over 30 years. Stephano has left this earthly plane in 2019 leaving behind more love and a canon of heart-centered wisdom and guidance.

Love Is – the wisdom of heartfulness

WALKING MENTORSHIP – Reconnecting in nature

In 2014 Joao Perre Viana launched the Walking Mentorship, an innovative personal-growth project, after having spent the first half of his professional life in business management and as a business mentor across the globe. Walking Mentorship offers a guided self-development, body- and mindfulness experience with customized mentoring formats, connecting walking and direct contact with nature. Lovecom’s extended experience in designing and leading leadership and personal development programs in the wilderness complements the exciting formats of Walking Mentorship. Letting nature become the most impactful, eye- and heart opening facilitator for personal breakthroughs, awareness shifts and purpose alignment is one of the biggest gifts in our work.

Walking towards your purpose with Joao Perre Viana



The founder of the Barrett Values Center, Richard Barrett, is an internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. lovecom is working in the framework oft he Barrett Seven Levels Model and a set of Transformation Assessment Tools that have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries up to date. We enjoy witnessing the impact of bringing this rich development and consciousness map into the conversation with our clients and create lasting results in our 1:1 coachings and our whole system transformation work in trusted collaboration with the Barrett Values Center.

Crash Course into Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness by Lisa Doig