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"The longest road you will ever walk is the sacred journey from your head to your heart."
Phil Lane
Do you own what it takes to lead transformation?
Going beyond complexity : Leading transformation from the core

In a time when the dominant business paradigm of “growth at any price” comes to its end, you as the business leader are challenged deeply and asked to lead profound transformation and to make room for new operating models and ways of being to emerge.

How prepared do you feel? Do you know how to take a stand beyond complexity? What is the intetion of your awarness? What is the risk you are willing to take? What has to be left behind? What is the best scenario that could happen, if you succeed? And best for whom? What is in the best interest for the company, your clients, your employees, your family, the shareholders, the planet, and you? How can you be the pioneer the corporate world needs, being connected with your core, your co-leaders and the larger “we” at the same time?

These questions lie at the heart of the love-based executive education.

Together with you, we will create the answers.

“I’m looking at the world differently.” – “I highly recommend the program to leaders, who want to make authentic transformation and have big impact.”- “This education experience is an important gift to the world.”

“Amazing venue, excellent food. A life-changing and life-affirming experience and a seamless, accelerating process on many levels.”

“The 3 days with all of you changed and will continue to change my life and I am immensely grateful for that.”

What you will learn
  • assessing personal and collective values, working with their dynamics as a roadmap for whole-system-change.
  • surfing waves and dealing with physical strength, the elements, intention, willpower and limits
  • going within, re-connecting with your core and its powerful wisdom
  • facing the depth, the risks as well as the potential when old paradigms want to die
  • re-thinking, renewing and re-energizing your inner and outer constellation
  • acting from a point beyond complexity through vulnerability, trust and courage
  • bringing forth your clear, authentic vision
  • integrating cutting-edge models of organizational design and evolutionary leadership
  • communicating in the new language of transformation
  • engaging the systems in your care for transformational growth

How we work

We provide high energy, quantum leap learning conditions. We work in small peer groups lead by authentic teachers, coaches and mentors. We value high confidentiality, respect and confronting-loving presence in our working together. We tackle and integrate your own transformation on three levels: individual, group and your operating constellation. We are serious about the benefit of BQ, EQ, IQ and SQ integration for todays leaders and acknowledge that real transformation always starts from inside.

Where & When
Business & Transformation Retreat

Leading Transformation. Premium
May, Big Island, Hawai’i

  • 5day residential Retreat along the Diamond Journey™
  • Experience deep personal transformation
  • Become a visionary leader for individual & structural transformation
  • Access 1:1 evolutionary executive coaching
  • Align your own growth with the  organizational purpose
  • Measure & build commitment with your executive team

more information: contact@lovecom.ch

CEO Team
Assessing and managing transformation readiness.
A half day executive team seminar on readiness, essentials of system transformation and the aligning of your leadership team for large-system-change
Who can benefit
  • CEO’s and their executive teams, who already started or are on the verge of beginning or having serious conversations about entering a large system corporate transformation
  • corporate transformation initiatives processing on cultural, leadership and structural level
  • new executive team constellations who want to set ground for authentic, value-based leading and collaboration
  • longterm teams who want to get to know each other on additional levels, grow as individuals and leaders and get things moving differently

How you will benefit

  • building the ground for productive and collaborative alignment and impact
  • entering the process through the right door together and/or being given the same map to start navigating
  • focused learning on the essentials of system transformation and the dynamics of individuals, groups and leadership challenges in that process
  • understanding that there is a powerful way to face complexity and lead through (part-time) chaos
  • measuring and evaluate personal and team commitment for transformation
Where & When
CEO Team

dates according to agreement
client location or offsite

  • individual & cultural value assessment online
  • 3h executive team workshop on-site
  • 1:1 next level & leader's specific role in transformation with CEO/team leader

more information: contact@lovecom.ch

CEO Topics
Knowing transformation essentials.

A live, agile and compact 1:1 online education opportunity to discover the basic conceptual frameworks for successful and meaningful corporate transformation

Who can benefit
  • CEO’s and corporate leaders who want to build or complete a solid and wide enough knowledge base on large-system-change and corporate transformation
  • Corporate transformation responsible in the course of setting a transformation architecture or aligning in-house and/or external resources
  • Executives who after starting to lead a large scale transformation feel a need to adjust some of the key dynamics and to leverage the process

What you will learn

  • Dynamics of transformation following whole-system-change and values-based concepts of Richard Barrett
  • The implications and architecture of paradigm change in leading-edge organizations and the three ingredients of Teal Organizations by Frederic Laloux
  • Harnessing constellation and collaboration in a complex, interdependent world with the co-active leadership model of Henry & Karen Kimsey and concept of flow by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
Where & When
CEO Topics

dates according to agreement
live education online

  • individual & cultural value assessment online
  • 3 x 75 min live online education module
  • evaluation/next steps 1:1 or online

more information: contact@lovecom.ch

What's different with us

Going through our University and MBA, Business School and Leadership Programs you learn how to be more successful in the current framework. With some programs you even stretch the edge of the current model. But the model, the framework is changing. Worldwide, interdependently, rapidly. With lovecom you learn how to visioning, co-create and lead through the beginning of a new paradigm. You learn where to refer to and how to be connected, to act responsibly and bring your fullest possibility exactly in a time like this, when outer references are shaking, dissolving and rebuilding.

Love-based executive education addresses your whole being. Its not going to tell you mainly “what to do better” but focuses instead on you getting clear about your “why”, your source. Its designed on the human possibility of radical responsibility and the ability to create. Individually and collectively. You lear how to use simple and effective assessing and navigating tools, but the major work lies in getting clear, deciphering and integrating own experiences and mutual discoveries and expanding the knowledge and awareness level from which you are operating from. We support you to bridge your own growth with the transformation of the systems under your care.

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"At the end of the day, we are trying to do the right thing. Being vulnerable is a part of that."
Tom Mendoza
"To recognize and take on responsibility means to prevent violence and to love instead."
Hans A. Pestalozzi
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