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"The biggest divorce in today's civilization, especially in the West but also in the East, is the separation of love and knowledge."
Raimon Panikkar
love-based leadership education for the benefit of a global WE
We support accomplished male leaders to bridge personal growth with the transformation of the systems under their care.
Executive Education:
CEO Track
Going beyond complexity - Leading transformation

In a time when the dominant business paradigm of “growth at any price” is coming to an end, you as a business leader are challenged deeply and asked to lead profound transformation. Do you know where to start? How comfortable are you to lead from the insde out and taking a stand beyond complexity?
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Conversation and thoughts:
WE & love
What do we know and not know about love: Does it matter?

In the course of starting-up the business lovecom, I got strong responses on both ends concerning the company name. These conversations made me smile and think at the same time. How is it, that some of us get perturbed by even hearing the word ‘love’ in a context more enhanced than – lets say – the very intimate?
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loveQ Constellation
We co-create our knowledge and programs within a dynamic constellation of pioneer thinkers & paradigm innovation initiatives around the globe
consisting of mentors and educators, transformation facilitators, tool provider, paradigm innovators and sponsors
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the people who build and run lovecom on a day-to-day base
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